The repatriation of a body or ashes is a complex procedure that involves many requirements based on the international health and safety regulations. Our company provides a comprehensive service that takes care of all the administrative and logistic procedures necessary to repatriate the deceased person to the destination funeral home.

Following the family's wishes, we organise the transfer of the body (transport of the coffin) or a cremation with the repatriation of the ashes (transport of the urn).

Support to families

  • Support and counselling for families.
  • Calculation of expenses and information on local regulations.
  • Dealing with the funeral homes.
  • Management of documents required for the service.
  • Updated information on the repatriation progress.
  • Flight request and sending of the flight plan to the destination funeral home.

Assistance to insurance companies

  • Declaration of the death to the insurance company and sending the documents available.
  • Counselling family members and paperwork required by the local funeral homes.
  • Management of the paperwork required for the service.
  • Updated information on the repatriation process.
  • Coordination of the whole service from the place of death to the place of burial.
  • Direct settlement of suppliers and the issuing of a full invoice for the insurance company.

Repatriation stages

  • Índice

    First contact

    Touch-down with the family to establish the details of the service and the sending of the documents required to manage it / Touch-down with the insurance company to manage the cover of expenses.

  • Índice


    Preparation of the documents to start the service procedures at the Courts, Hospital, Health Service, etc.

  • Índice


    Obtaining the cremation or embalming permit

  • Índice

    Legal documents

    Obtaining literal and international death certificates from the Registry Office, the travel authorisation, customs, etc.

  • Índice

    Transfer by air

    Coordination of the air transportation of the coffin or the urn to the destination airport.

  • Índice

    Transfer by road to the destination funeral home

    Coordination of the collection of the coffin or urn from the airport and its transfer to the destination funeral home.

Transportation of the coffin

  • Organisation and coordination of the repatriation in compliance with domestic and international regulations.
  • Logistics of international air transportation and national transport to the destination funeral home.

Cremation and repatriation of the urn

  • Local cremation with or without a farewell.
  • Repatriation of the urn to the country of origin pursuant to domestic and international regulations.

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