Most of our clients are from German or English-speaking countries who have decided to live in the Canary Islands. Since the Canary Islands have become the second home for many of them, foreign residents frequently choose the islands as their final place of rest.

In these cases, our company deals with all the procedures required from the collection of the deceased person from their place of death (home, hospital or institute of forensic medicine), the obtaining of death certificates, the request of a niche at the town hall and the organisation of the burial at the cemetery. Since families and friends usually have difficulties due to the language barrier as non-Spanish speakers, it becomes a great relief for them not having to deal with the administrative proceedings with the local authorities.


Bringing an urn from abroad

Should the death happen while abroad and the family wish to bury the ashes in the Canary Islands, we can organise the urn to the sent to the islands from the funeral home of the country of death. Once the urn arrives at its destination, we will deal with all procedures required to bury the urn in a local cemetery.

Planning while living

On the other hand, we also offer the possibility of leaving written evidence of your final wishes by means of a will and testament. The advantage of this is that your funeral will be organised following your wishes and, in addition, your family won't have to take any difficult decisions at such a sad time. If you wish, you can even enter a funeral agreement in advance, meaning that the costs of the funeral will already have been covered. For more information on this, please click here.

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